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BOOK REVIEW: Fool Me Twice

Title: Fool Me Twice
Author: Locklyn Marx


Anna Webb was only eighteen when her best friend’s older brother, Jaxon, broke her heart, but the scars it left are permanent. After vowing to never let herself get hurt like that again, good girl Anna has put her past behind her, working hard to become a successful financial advisor living in London. But when she returns to her hometown in Connecticut, she has no idea she’s about to be on a collision course with her past.

Jaxon Hale wasn’t expecting to run into Anna when he left his real estate development company in Los Angeles for a visit to Connecticut. And he certainly wasn’t expecting Anna to be all grown up. Before long, he’s remembering what it was the two of them had all those years ago, and he’s having a hard time keeping his hands off her.

But will Anna be able to let herself trust Jaxon again? Or will a second chance lead to a second heartbreak?


 This book in one word? Cute!
It was a little too short for the price I payed, but a really sweet, kinda sad, but sexy love story.
I liked both Anna and Jaxon, though I admit, not the whole time. At times I wanted to kick their asses, but I understand they were afraid of getting hurt again.
And their encounters were just so... wow! Totally hot! I had to try and calm down my crazy hormones too many times to count. Like, almost the whole time.
A very good read. Short, but cute.

***3.5 stars***  

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