About me

Hello everyone!
My name is Sara, I'm an italian girl and my biggest interest (well, if you don't count my beloved Thirty Seconds to Mars' music) is to read. Lots of books. Italian and english books. That's why I've just opened a blog here.
Hopefully I will be able to fulfill my duty and add many books (and not only) on this blog.

I'm a bit shy but also crazy. But do not worry, I will be nice and good here!
Yeah, sure! ahahah

I'm a Chocolate Lover - Ok, I admit it, I'm just a bit
addicted to it... Ok, not just a bit, but a lot! ahahah

In my free time...
  • I like to read, mostly english books: there's something in an english book (not translated to italian) that you cannot find in the italian edition... I don't know if I'm clear enough. Sorry, but I'm not so good at talking English...
  • I like listen to music (really loud, lol) and especially Thirty Seconds to Mars' music. I love Jared Leto! I think he is a Lesser God! His voice is one of the most beautiful in the world and his music and his songs are just what I need (with some good chocolate) everyday to be fine and to keep my brain working... (ahahah) There's people who need coffee... I need chocolate and Thirty Seconds to Mars.
  • I'm a girl, so I like shopping! Books? Yes. Jeans? Yes. T-shirts? Oh, yes! Bags? Yes again! And so many other things!

Ok, stop talking about me! Let's go read!



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  1. You're really pretty Sara

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