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BOOK REVIEW: Demon's Daughter

Title: Demon's Daughter
Author: Ashley McCook
Series: Emily (Book One)


 Emily Carson is an average sixteen year-old nerd living in a small town with no real ambitions beyond acing her exams, dealing with her brother Seth's questionable taste in girls and curing school hottie Adam Farlow's questionable eye-sight(the only possible explanation for his lack of interest).

And then her dad shows up.

Discovering that your dad is a demon certainly makes life much more interesting, but even demon lords have enemies and Emily and Seth soon find themselves the new targets for every vampire, demon, were and angel in town.

Having fallen angel Sariel as a body guyard should help but discovering that they share a special gift brings Emily and her tempting angel more life-threatening problems than a maths loving teenager should ever have to deal with.


Well...what to say about this book? It was just AMAZING! I didn't think I would have liked it so much, but I did!
And I admit I fell in love with Sariel! He's soooo charming! And sweet!
I liked Emily too. She is so funny! And strong. Although sometimes a bit stupid. But I found myself thinking like her most of the time. I think we're somewhat alike, though not totally.
Seth? He just got on my nerves most of the time! I really didn't like that he got along with Asmodeus so well. But maybe he wasn't strong enough to resist Asmodeus's mind control? Might be. Or maybe he was just dumb enough. In that I agreed with Emily. Seth's an idiot at times.
Joanna, their mother, I don't know what to think about her. I just couldn't get either a good or bad impression. She's easily manipulated and it kind of sickened me. And made me sorry for her. And kinda angry.
But mostly, it was Asmodeus sickening me. Just as Emily was sickened and repelled by him.

He's just... Ewwww!
Adam.... uhm... well... I don't like him. It showed from the start that he's an ass. I couldn't agree with Emily there. I couldn't see what she saw in him beside the looks. And, seriously? She got Sariel and he's the greatest guy ever! Why she kept going after that dumbass of Adam?!?!
Annie and Dylan were ok. They're good friends.

What I didn't like in this book was the use of italian phrases. WRONG italian phrases!
One thing you should know about me, I'm italian. And reading all those wrong phrases, all those mistakes... God, my eyes bugged out! I could barely understand what the author wanted to say. It was awful!
Some examples:
-It doesn't exist "Dolce uno" in italian! To say "Sweet one" you could say "Dolcezza".
-What the hell means "Cassaforte di giorno, quella cara"??????? I have yet to understand.
-And "Lo manco anche, Emily"? If you wanna say "I miss you too, Emily" then say "Manchi anche a me, Emily". For God's sake!
-"Quello piccolo" referred to Emily? First thing, "quello piccolo" does not exist! Second, "piccolo" is masculine, not feminine. If you want to say "Little one" you say "Piccolo" if referred to a male, "Piccola" if referred to a female.
-"Lo gradico molto"??? First, it's not "gradico" but "gradisco". Second, it's all so wrong to say "Lo gradisco molto" to a girl when you wanna say "I like you a lot". The right phrase is "Mi piaci molto".
And it goes on and on... It was a herd of mistakes that made me grimace.

I'd like to say something to all authors out there:
If you want to put some italian in your books and you don't speak italian, or you're not at least familiar enough with the language, DO NOT attempt to do it alone! Not even Google translator or whatever stupid translator you can find on the internet or in commerce could help you. You MUST at least ask help to an italian person that knows english. Or go to a REAL translator who knows what he/she's doing!
English readers that don't know italian might be fooled, but if an english reader knows italian enough, would just grimace like I did. If some italian readers like me read your book with so many mistakes... well, do not expect them to give you 5 stars even though the book and the story and everything else were awesome.
In fact, I'm gonna give 4 stars to this book.

***4 stars***

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