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BOOK REVIEW: Braced To Bite

Title: Braced To Bite
Author: Serena Robar
Series: Half-Blood Vampires (Book One)


 Colby Blanchard is the popular cheerleader with the grades, the hunky boyfriend, and the homecoming crown in the bag. Then things go bad-like turning-into-a-vampire bad. And complicating things is the fact that her orthodontist father has removed her canine teeth to give her a perfect smile, so she can't even do the vampire thing properly. Luckily, he's fitting her with some new headgear so she can feed. (So now she's not just a vampire but a dork.)

This lighthearted debut will have Buffy fans of all ages laughing and shuddering as Colby battles the Vampire Council, resists her attraction to a fellow vamp, and hunts down the rogue bloodsucker who got her in this mess in the first place-all while trying to snag a date for homecoming.


I totally loved this book! Made me laugh my head off! It was hilarious!
I liked a lot Colby, Aunt Chloe, Thomas and Piper!
Colby is a very brave kick-ass and often so funny that made me laugh most of the time.
Aunt Chloe is awesome! she was funny as well some times and a very lovely old lady.
Thomas is just incredibly sexy and cute and caring. How could you not fall in love with him?
Piper is a very nice girl and a good friend. What will happen with Carl? Hmmm we'll see in the next book I guess.
Colby's parents are awesome too. Her father is really something. A crazy orthodontist! And her mother is very practical and a strong woman. And it's clear they both love Colby immensely.
Charles (or Chuck) was kind of creepy. And obviously a tad bit insane.
Aidan is just a stupid jerk. And Allison is a b*tch. Hateful.

I also liked the story, very original and funny. I smiled, chuckled and laughed almost all the time. For the remaining time I was either swooning or tensing for a fight or something else.  

***4.5 stars***

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