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BOOK REVIEW: Love Off-Limits

Title: Love Off-Limits
Author: Whitney Lyles


Breaking up is hard to do!

Natalie should be on top of the world dating Jeremy. He's totally perfect by everyone's standards. But the seemingly fl awless couple have been dating since freshman year, and now Natalie fears the spark may be fizzling.

Being such an "expert" in love, Natalie gets coaxed into writing a romance column, and soon she finds spending time with her editor, Matt, to be way worth the work. There's just one catch. Matt is Jeremy's best friend, and dumping your boyfriend for his closest friend is just wrong...right?


A nice book, although a little too short and predictable. It solved itself well too quickly.
The story was new and nice. And I liked Matt and Nat. I think they were cute and good for each other.
Jeremy was mostly kind of brainless and gross even for a guy. A good guy, but still... not very charming for my likes. Matt on the other hand, was a nice guy and very much boyfriend material. Sweet and fun.
I also liked Jo and Vincent, although we haven't known them much, especially Vincent. But they were nice, fun and very good friends for Nat. And good for each other too, apparently.
All in all, a nice read, but I feel like my money has gone kind of wasted. It just wasn't really worth it. Call me a cheapskate, but it was too short a story for such a price.  

***3 stars***

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