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BOOK REVIEW: The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage

Title: The Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage
Author: Emma Darcy


Damien Wynter was as handsome and arrogant as sin. Heiress Charlotte didn't need his dark, primitive sensuality in her life, until the man she'd planned to marry disappointed her, and Damien offered a challenge: let "him" wed her and get her pregnant It was all about winning to Damien, but Charlotte wanted a baby, and if surrendering to him meant she could win, too... why not accept his scandalous offer?


I had all sorts of mixed feelings reading this book. I can't say I really liked the characters. Well, actually, I mostly didn't like Charlotte. Damien was okay. I kind of liked him and his passion, his being caring, and even his determination, although also scary. But it was clear he felt for Charlotte something special, shared with her a special bond he was ready to admit, while she wasn't eve capable of realize. Charlotte was too cold for my likes. And more than half of the book was rather cold too. I couldn't feel any special emotion. I kept waiting but the magic just wouldn't come, until almost the end when I even wept. It was a relief, I didn't really want to rate this book only 2 stars. The last 15% of the book saved the whole thing. And added that third star I desperately needed. 

***3 stars*** 

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