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BOOK REVIEW: Don't Fear The Reaper

Title: Don't Fear The Reaper
Author: Michelle Muto
Series: Netherworld (Book One)


Grief-stricken by the murder of her twin, Keely Morrison is convinced suicide is her ticket to eternal peace and a chance to reunite with her sister. When Keely succeeds in taking her own life, she discovers death isn’t at all what she expected. Instead, she’s trapped in a netherworld on Earth and her only hope for reconnecting with her sister and navigating the afterlife is a bounty-hunting reaper and a sardonic, possibly unscrupulous, demon. But when the demon offers Keely her greatest temptation—revenge on her sister’s murderer—she must uncover his motives and determine who she can trust. Because, as Keely soon learns, both reaper and demon are keeping secrets and she fears the worst is true—that her every decision will change how, and with whom, she spends eternity.


 Oh my God! I'm so out of myself! I started this book crying like a baby for a good 15 minutes at least. And ended it crying again.
This book's beautiful! So emotionally moving. And sad. And touching.
I loved all the characters! Keely, obviously! I was so emotionally involved and it was like I was feeling what/how she felt. And it broke my heart seeing her and Miles "saying goodbye". Banning: loved him from the start! Daniel: although I didn't like him at first, I got to totally love him after a very little while! Jordan: so sweet, though a little naive.
Pete gave me the creeps, and also all the other demons.
I wouldn't have minded some little romance, though. That's my reason for not giving it a full 5 stars but only 4.
I'm hoping for a sequel (and I guess I'll get it, seing that this book is marked as Book 1 of the Netherworld series). And I want more of Daniel! Yeah, I think I got a little crush on him, I know! But I can't help it. Strong, sweet, caring (and blushing!) demons are my Achilles' heel! 

***4 stars***

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