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BOOK REVIEW: Love Sucks!

Title: Love Sucks!
Author: Melissa Francis
Series: AJ Ashe/Bite Me (Book Two)


AJ Ashe is moving on. Sure she still has not-so-sisterly feelings for Ryan, her ex-boyfriend-turned-step-brother, but there’s a new vampire in town and his name is Alexander Archer. Caught between the desire to move forward with Sexy Lexy and being drawn to her past with Ryan, AJ thinks life couldn’t get anymore complicated. Yeah, right. When her mother’s pregnancy is threatened, it looks like AJ’s long lost father is the only person who can save her. But Dad’s help comes with a price. AJ is forced join the evil side of her family, and a very creepy shape-shifting demon is there to make sure AJ cooperates. All this and she’s still got to plan the prom. Being a teenager is tough, but being a teenage vampire just flat out sucks. Pun totally intended.


Well, damn... what can I say about this book? It was made of awesome!
I didn't enjoy the first book much, but this one was just super amazing!
Full of surprises and then some.
I totally fell in love with Lex, although I stayed there dreading that he would come out as one of the bad guys. And fortunately he didn't. He was hot and fascinating and awesome in many ways. Would have been a great choice for AJ if she didn't already have a soul mate.
And I'm all for that soul mate by the way. Although I thought many times that Ryan was a bit of a jerk, or at least acted like one, I loved him and AJ together. They have a bond like no others. They've always been destined to be together.
Clive gave me the creeps, though not as much as Mr Charles. AJ's dad was mostly being...well, the bad guy. Although in the end he finally sees the light and has regrets, asking forgiveness. And then I was kind of sorry for his end. But it was the right thing. Mr Charles instead, was just gross and creepy! And totally insane. And laughable.
The real bad guy though was really, really, really evil. I've always thought that Malia was bad news and acted strange and I suspected she must be evil, but didn't imagine how evil she could be. That was a big surprise. Among others.
I admit I really liked Ryan towards the end. When he started to trust AJ again and then studied how to defeat the evil guys, I thought "Aww, there's the guy we all love!"
I loved some of the scenes and one of them is when AJ an Ryan are in his car and touch at the same time one of the runes and... well, I can't tell you everything. I've already spoiled a lot of the fun.
Another scene is when they're fighting the final battle and he asks her to.... Oh well, I really can't tell you this. You'll have to read it. It was awesome by the way. Another amazing surprise.
I can't tell what I didn't like about this book, other than how Ryan acted for a first half of the book. But that was numbed by the hottness of Lex and AJ encounters. Mmmm... I can't tell you much about this either, sorry.

You jusy have to read this book!

I think it's mostly a 4.5 stars book. Did I say it was awesome? Because it was. Really!

***4.5 stars***

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