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BOOK REVIEW: Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys

Title: Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys
Author: Kate Brian


 When she was nine, Megan Meade met a group of terrible, mean, Popsicle-goo-covered boys, the sons of her father's friend -the McGowan boys. Now, seven years later, Megan's army doctor parents are shipping off to Korea and Megan is being sent to live with the little monsters, who are older now and quite different than she remembered them.
Living in a house with seven boys will give Megan, who has never even been kissed, the perfect opportunity to learn everything there is to know about boys. And she'll send all her notes to her best friend, Tracy, in...

"Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys"

Observation #1: Being an army brat sucks. Except that this is definitely a better alternative to moving to Korea. Observation #2: Forget evil, laughing, little monsters. These guys have been touched by the Abercrombie gods. They are a blur of toned, suntanned perfection.
Observation #3: I need a lock on my door. STAT.
Observation #4: Three words: six-pack abs.
Observation #5: Do not even get me started on the state of the bathroom. I'm thinking of calling in a hazmat team. Seriously.
Observation #6: These boys know how to make enemies. Big time.
Megan Meade will have to juggle a new school, a new family, a new crush - on the boy next door, as in next bedroom door - and a new life. Will she survive the McGowan boys?


The McGowan brothers are really fucked up!
What the hell is wrong with them?!?!
Evan is certainly a hottie but.. God, he's just a stupid jerk, so full of himself!
Doug was a jerk too and mostly trying to be hateful most times, though in the end he appeared to be the smartest one and even funny, and made amends.
Miller was a bit weird and scary with his autism and all, especially in the biginning, but afterwards he mostly was cute and calmer than the other brothers (which is saying a lot, seeing that Miller has issues and tended to freak out if something was off.)
Finn was the cuter one and I liked him almost immediately. Artistic and sweet and caring, it was hard not to fall for him and love him. Although, after that kiss in the shed, I totally didn't like the way he acted. Wanted to punch the light out of him. Balls, man! Balls! God, you really are all babies!
Hailey was mostly hateful and a real bitch and most of the time I just thought she needed a good bitch-slapping and some sense beaten into that crappy head of hers. Get a grip, dude!
Aimee was the nicest girlfriend among the girls, loyal and trustworthy. A real friend. I liked her a lot. I couln't imagine how it was possible for her to be Hailey's sister. One evil sister and an angelic one. A different womb maybe? Uh... maybe.
Regina freaked me out often times, though I understood her need for a girly time with Megan, the only other girl among 7 men. Oh my God, I would go crazy! But still, she was just so... eccessively excited and girly even for my likes? Even I don't wear much pink or enjoy much hours at a SPA. I mean, a massage would be okay, I love it, but the whole manicure, pedicure, face mask etc? God, no! Would bore me and annoy me to death. And wouldn't get me relaxed at all. What's relaxing about getting a manicure or pedicure? Yeah, not much.
Anyway, I could understand both of their points of view.
John kind of scared me a little. He was capable of embarrassing Megan or put her in misery. Some times adults don't understand how much they can embarrass us. Especially men.
Anyways... all in all the book was good. It even made me laugh and also cry. I was tempted to give it 4 stars, but when I got to the end I was like "Really?!?! WTF!?!?" I was so disappointed! Even more by discovering there isn't a sequel apparently. The book ended just... weird. It didn't really have an ending. It just leaves you wanting more, and with a bittersweet curiousity about Finn and Megan. And what the hell does Evan want now? Just back off, jerk! You don't deserve a girl like Megan. You are really disappointing. So just stay away from her. She's found her guy now.

***3.5 stars***

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