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BOOK REVIEW: Never Bite A Boy On The First Date

Title: Never Bite A Boy On The First Date
Author: Tamara Summers


Newly turned vampire Kira has earned a reputation for breaking the rules. So when a student is murdered at her high school, via fang-bite, all fingers point to Kira. But she swears she had nothing to do with it! In order to prove her innocence she has to show her family that there’s another vampire in town. She’s pretty sure it’s one of three new guys who’ve moved in recently—so she goes about dating them all. Dating three cute boys may be fun, but which one is the murdering vampire? And what if he’s the boy she’s falling for...?


It got it all. Murder, suspence, mystery, romance, blood, hotties, a kickass heroine, a creepy villain etc etc..

I wasn't sure I would have liked this book when I started it, but I'm glad of having been wrong for once. It was a very good read. And I couldn't put it down. It was a shame only that it was a little short. I finished it in just about 8 hours.

I liked Kira a lot. She's funny, determined, sunny, strong, brave. A real kickass heroine.
Daniel and Milo... Ahh, the two hotties of the story! Very hot and sexy! And so romantic at times! Swoony!
My favorite though was Milo, even after his revelation. That was a shame. I guess I teamed for him. So sweet and sexy!
Rowen... he was kind of scary. And weird. And then I got to know the reason. I wouldn't have imagined! That was a surprise!
Zach... very creepy. He was just totally insane. To say the least.
But you'll see. You've got to read it!
You'll find yourself trying to understand who's the murderer and will suspect anyone, wanting to solve the mystery.

***4 stars***

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