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BOOK REVIEW: The Other Boy

Title: The Other Boy
Author: Hailey Abbott


Maddy's Boy Pros & Cons . . .

Brian--Super cute / hangs with my friends / goes to my high school / my boyfriend

David--Says I'm a spoiled princess / hates my friends / has amazing blue eyes / cooked me an unbelievable dinner / annoyingly irresistible

Summer for Maddy Sinclaire starts as a blur of house parties and dips in the pool - until she's caught throwing an unauthorized beachside bash. As punishment, her parents send her off to Napa Valley, where she'll spend her free time working on the family vineyard. Even with her boyfriend, Brian, miles away, Maddy's about to discover that the vineyard is a very romantic place. It's vast, sunny, magical . . . and there's "another" boy just waiting to steal her heart.


I liked the story, it was new and fun. I actually chuckled a few times and in a particular scene when Maddy had prepared lunch I was laughing my head off.
I can't say I liked Maddy. Often times I just wanted to slap her silly. Though I understood she was living a completely different situation than her usual life in the city. And I also felt sorry for her when David and Rain laughed at her back that one night.
I really didn't like Rain at all after that. She felt superior and always treated Maddy like crap. Very elegant of you, my dear! Not really.
I liked David almost from the beginning, not counting that one episode that night. It was cute of him to make her favorite cookies to get her to forgive his sorry ass. And after that, he always was sweet and nice. And hot. And how sexy was it that he could cook?! Oh my God, wow!
Maddy's mom was awesome, I tell you! A wonderful mom. And sweet. I liked the way she loved her daughter and hugged her and called her cute names of endearement.
Her father was more sever but kind of cool too. It was a miracle they didn't punished her harder. If it would have been me.... well, let's just say that 2 months working at a taste room would have been a vacation in comparison.
Brian... I didn't actually like him that much at first, but then the more I knew him the less I liked him even. He was an idiot.
Maddy's friends were nice. But we didn't get to know them much better than a few conversations on the phone and a few words when they went to pick up Maddy at the vineyard. It was cool that they understood how good David was for and with Maddy and they were nice with him.
I didn't like much that Maddy needed her friend's thumb up to realize that she and David could work things up well also in the city and that he would fit in her life quite well. Are you nuts? Or just utterly dumb? David was an angel. I swear! He forgave her anything. A totally awesome guy! It was obvious he was crazy about her.
Anyway, all in all a nice read. The good thing is, I didn't have to pay for it. Otherwise, I would have felt kind of robbed.

***3.5 or 4 stars***

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