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Movie: BREAKING DAWN - Part Two
Director: Bill Condon
Screenplayer: Melissa Rosenberg
Writer (Novel): Stephenie Meyer
Stars: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke (and many others)

I won't be here telling you the story, because if you want to watch this movie, you first have to watch the previous 4 movies. And maybe even read the books. Although, honestly, it would spoil your fun. Because the books are much better than the movies. So, if you are intentioned to watch the movies, then maybe you shouldn't read the books. At least not before you've watched the movies. My advice.

Anyway, I start with saying that I loved the first movie of the series "Twilight" very much, and it was probably because I hadn't read the book yet. In fact, when I read the book afterwards, I felt a bit betrayed. The movie didn't seem all that amazing, suddenly. Beautiful, meaningful scenes were missing in the movie. But still, "Twilight" was a very good movie. The second and third movies "New Moon" and "Eclipse" not so much. But still, I had to watch them all. Curiosity beat boredom. So I went on watching every movie, and last year (or was it just a bunch of months ago? Can't remember) I went to see "Breaking Dawn Part 1". It was good, better than the previous two movies, and probably because I was with my sister and her friend, it was kind of fun too. 
Just last night, then, I went to the movies with my sister and other two of her friends, to watch "Breaking Dawn Part 2". And even though I was sceptic at first, I admit I liked it. It was rather good. If you don't consider Kristen Stewart's weird faces and stiffness. I mean, really? Didn't they have better female actresses for the character of Bella Swan? Anyone else would have been fine. Surely better. 

Anyway, some scenes were too hilarious and I was there cracked up laughing my head off. And my sister didn't help much. She was there saying "Can I have them both in my bed?" (referring to Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner). I was there, mouth gaping wide and appalled at her words. I mean, I kind of had a crush on Pattinson myself a few years ago. But God, she's like 33 and Pattinson is... what 26? And Lautner is only 21! But hey, I can understand her. They're both (Pattinson and Lautner) kind of hot, in different ways, and she's a single beautiful woman. They're like candy. Yummy. I can see that. Even though Lautner isn't really my type. I can admire a hot body, but it doesn't stirr up my hormones. I like them manlier. 

Getting back on topic... There was a scene toward the end that shocked me to unsconsciousness. Almost. It happened on the screen and I was there, gaping, wide-eyed, muttering "That didn't just happen, did it? I don't remember that from the book" and my sister in a worse state of shock, asking me "Did it really happen? Does it also happen in the book? I can't believe it happened" and me saying "I don't have a freaking idea. I'm as shocked as you are. I can't remember this from the book... Maybe they messed up to make it all more exciting..? If so, then they've fucked up big, this time". I kind of had a mini-heart-attack. I think I aged 5 years during those dreadful 5 minutes. It turned out being a misunderstanding though, and we all got back breathing and our hearts beating again then. And all the four of us were there saying "That was close. It was scary as hell. I almost died then and there!".

Another scene was so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing. There was Jacob getting undressed before Charlie (Bella's father) in the woods, trying to show him something, and Charlie's face was priceless. All the four of us and many other people in the theater were laughing hard. My sister said to me "Is he going to change into wolf form now?" and I replied "Yeah, I guess so." then pause. "Unless he's turned completely insane overnight and is gonna strip tease for Bella's father". We were all cracked up, trying to laugh quietly (and failing, probably).

The ending was nice and the final song ("A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, feat. Steve Kazee) was so beautiful and romantic I almost cried. We were all there like "Awww!" and my sister's friend was in tears. Crazy chicks, all of us. I think they might go watch it a second time. Again. They did the same with Part 1. 
Anyway, if I were to rate this movie, I'd give it 4 stars of 5.

***4 stars***

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