lunedì 9 maggio 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Kidnap and Kink

Title: Kidnap and Kink
Author: Brynn Paulin
Series: Taboo Wishes


Be Careful What You Wish For…

Jenna Marks has a secret fantasy, to be kidnapped, tied up and seduced. When she confides her secret to her best friend on a dare, she never imagines her wish might come true.

Rob Colvin, owner of The Dungeon, has had his eye on Jenna for months, but he didn’t think Jenna would be into the things that make him hot. When he overhears her secret, he knows he’s going to be the one to deliver her fantasy—one weekend of her submission to him, her mysterious and masterful lover.

CATEGORY: Contemporary, BDSM.
ELEMENTS: BDSM Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content and Graphic Language. *Warning: This title features a D/s relationship and explicit descriptions of spanking, bondage, and use of sex Toys.


Ohhh God! I loved this Novella! Not only this is also one of my fantasies, but Rob is the man of every woman's dream! He's hot, sexy, has a beautiful musculed body, he loves curves, loves to please a woman... and he has green eyes too!
God, what else would you want?

The story was interesting and made me smile all the time. It was never boring, and every steamy momet Rob and Jenna shared was sooo arousing!

It was a really short story, but I liked it!

***4 stars***

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