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Title: Angelus
Author: Mary C. Moore
Series: The Human Genus (Book One)


Most anthropologists believe eons ago there were over fourteen species of human. They also believe only one of those species survived beyond the ice age. They are wrong. Three species of human have endured and now live in modern society. Homo angelus have wings. Homo daemonis have horns and a tail. Homo sapiens have no idea the other two exist. Sarah Connelly's job is to ensure it stays that way.

Sarah is a half-daemon rookie agent for the international daemon and angel police force, SITO. She has been assigned to protect an orphaned, half-angel child, Kels. The child has been receiving attention from an extreme religious group, the Anakites, who are rumored to believe their divine cause is to cleanse the earth of all impure human species, meaning all non-angels.

All hell breaks loose when an angel is caught stalking Kels. SITO arrests the angel, Aaron, who claims he was only watching over the child. Aaron warns Sarah that Kels is in serious danger from the Anakites and that only he knows how to protect the child. Sarah decides to trust Aaron, which means going against orders from her superiors at SITO. This puts her deep in Anakite territory without backup, a dangerous place to be for a rookie half-daemon agent. There she uncovers the Anakites' plot to make a brutal example of the hybrid child, and if she was wrong to trust Aaron, she herself will meet a similar fate, a fate that would frighten even the most hardened hero.


 I rated it 4 stars on GR but it's mostly 3.75 stars.
I mean, it was a very good book, and really interesting, adventurous, with some suspence, battling, fighting, and just a touch of romance.
yep, that must be the problem. I don't say it should have had sex scenes and making out sessions. But, Jeez, at least a damn kiss?!?! Nope. I waited until the end for the characters to understand they liked each other and see a damned kiss. But nothing happened. Nope. They had to get to know each other better first. Seriously? WTF?!?!
That thing aside, the book was very good and I couldn't put it down. I was just too curious of what would come next and how the story would end.
Not bad, but not a favorite.
I would recommend it, however.

***3.75 stars***

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