mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

For My Sister: Angels Guarding You

Angels Guarding You

Life hasn't been easy on you
It gave you beauty, yes
It gave you a brilliant mind
It gave you talent
It gave you a wonderful heart
It also gave you the love of your life
At least you thought so
Until it took him away from you

His love seemed powerful
But time won and his love diminished
Day by day
He could no longer see your beauty
At one point it was like you didn't even exist
But you're strong and went through that Hell
And survived
Your friends and family have always been beside you
They love you

That damn day
You were driving as every day
But you got distracted
Lost control of the car
And it turned over itself three times
Before stopping
You're alive for a miracle
Our dog is alive for a miracle
You both are alive because
Guardian Angels must be watching you

And I want to thank them
I want to thank God
Because you're still with us
Because they knew it wasn't the time for you to go away
Because we need you here with us
Because we love you to infinity
Because you're a part of my heart
And it would break if you disappeared
Because I love you, my sweet sister
With all my heart and soul

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