lunedì 9 maggio 2011


Title: Kept
Author: Carolyn Faulkner


Who said being a dominant Sugar Daddy was going to be easy?

Self-made millionaire Reed Douglas wanted a woman in his life, but he didn't have the time for even the barest of social rituals. Tricia Barton flew down to spend some time with her cousins after the death of her mother, hoping a change of scenery would help her slough off the remnants of depression.

She never expected to have her life turned upside down by her cousin's undeniably hot and very dominant boss who didn't hesitate to suggest that she let him keep her in a style to which she definitely didn't want to become accustomed. But one of the few things left out of their very special arrangement was that she ended up finding herself over his lap more often than not!


Wow! Totally loved it! A really entrhralling love story, with just the right amount of kink and romance.

Reed is hmmm hot and sexy, but also romantic and adorable!
Trish is a stubborn woman, a bit weird, I did'nt really understand her, but on the whole I liked her.

***4 stars***

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