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BOOK REVIEW: Last Flight Out

Title: Last Flight Out
Author: Carroll Bryant


Their friendship doesn't stand a chance. Their love will never die. Kavita Davidson and Lily McCourtney test the limits of society's tolerance with a forbidden romance shunned by the mainstream while breaking all the rules. With his career on the rise, Kavita risks everything to be with her. With a bleak future before her, Lily seeks desperately for someone to believe in. Together, they dare to try and defy the odds - leaving the rest of us to ask, is Kavita the monster the world tells him he is? Or is he the hero Lily has been praying for? And when it all comes crashing down, can either of them survive the aftermath? True love does exist!


Just finished to read it now and.... man, Carroll, you always know how to make me cry!
I've been often on the verge of tears but nothing like when I was reading the near end of the book... Man, I couldn't stop the stream of tears that flowed onto my cheeks...

I've been hating Mary all the time and that brief interaction between her and Kavita got on my nerves to no end.

Instead I loved Lily from the beginning! :) and the love she and Kavita shared was so....WOW! Intense and sweet and beautiful...

This is one of the saddest and most romantic and sweet books I've ever read! It goes to my "Favorites" shelf straight away! I couldn't stop reading! I was glued to my laptop reading my kindle copy like a starved woman! I read and craved more. I needed to read more, to know more, to know what would happen... To know how it ended... If it was a happy ending or a sad one...

I had some idea how it could have ended and in fact.... (I won't say more, for the people who's got to read it yet!)
But it struck me like lightening bolt! It went straight to my heart and I cried so much! Oh, how much I cried! But it also made me smile in the end! .... :)

***4 stars***

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