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BOOK REVIEW: Studying Boys

Title: Studying Boys
Author: Stephanie Rowe
Series: The Grirlfriend's Guide To Boys (Book Two)


 Meet Frances Spinelli, the girl with her nose buried in a book. But things change.

Homework has always been her top priority. That and crushing on the wrong guy, then doing nothing about it. So when Frances's friends blackmail her into stepping out of her comfort zone she does them one better. She goes totally out of control.

Dancing with a football-playing senior at a night club. Lying to her parents. Getting grounded... probably for life. This isn't the Frances she wants to be. But she certainly doesn't want to go back to being a total geek.

So what's a bookworm to do? After all that time studying for midterms, maybe Frances really just has to learn how to study boys.


It was a good read, but not as good as "Putting boys on the ledge". Probably it was Frances's parents fault. I wanted to beat them until they bleed. They were so annoying. Give that girl some slack! She works hard and needs some fun in her life! And Theo is exactly what she needs!
It took me a little while to get to like Theo, but then I had to admit he had his charms. Totally hot and kind of sweet. Though not as much as Colin in the previous book, and some times he really acted a little like a jerk. He didn't understand Frances's world was different from his. Her parents were Hell on earth. But I also admit it was about time she stood for herself before her parents. And she kind of did it in the end.
Frances and Theo were very cute together. And it was funny because you couldn't decide who had the upper hand there. They were both strong-headed. And after that time she yelled at him at his house, it was clear that he was a goner. That he had fallen for her and was totally lost. And I loved the scene at the club.
I was a good and fun read.

***3.5 stars*** 

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