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BOOK REVIEW: Decked With Holly

Title: Decked With Holly
Author: Marni Bates


Smartly blending of-the-moment pop culture references and timeless themes, Bates follows her YA debut, "Awkward", with a hilarious, over-the-top adventure about a teen girl who becomes the fake girlfriend of a cute rock star.

Taking a Christmas cruise with her two cousins from hell isn't Holly's idea of a good time. And when seasickness forces her into an open suite, she's pepper-sprayed by a gorgeous guy called Nick. But when Holly makes her exit, she's greeted by a horde of screaming teenage fans. Because Nick happens to be Dominic Wyatt, drummer for one of the hottest bands in America. Suddenly rumours are swirling and Holly's face is plastered all over the Internet. The band can't risk a scandal destroying their family-friendly image, so Dominic convinces Holly to be his fake girlfriend - just for two weeks. How bad could it be to be "fauxmantically" involved with a cute rock star? She's about to find out...


It was funny, kind of sweet and a little irritating.
I'm not even sure I liked all the characters. Eccept for Chris. Yep, not Dominic. Although I can admit he had his charm and appeal, and he could be kind of cute on occasions. But still, the characters in this book iritated the hell out of me most of the time. The twins were pure Evil, the aunt was a b*tch and the grampa was kind of hateful. I especially didn't like how he dealt with the Santa's accident (Sure, dude, let some creepy pervert grope your grandaughter and blame her for defending herself, but then get all over-protective when a young man wants to be her boyfriend. Right, you sure are coherent, aren't you?), or how he did/said nothing when her aunt and cousins made her life Hell with their bullying and evil comments. I still don't know what to think about Jen, but one thing is sure: she is a good friend to Holly.
About the two main characters, Holly and Dominic... I liked them sometimes, then they iritated me others. One moment I though "how cute!" and a moment later I was like "God, you're a jerk!" (on both parts. But I have to say, they were a cute couple, when they didn't want to throttle one another. They were even kind of funny in some of their fights.
One thing I liked was the ending: very cute, sweet and kinda hot.

***3.75 stars***  

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