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BOOK REVIEW: The Earl's Desire

Title: The Earl's Desire (also known as just "Desire")
Author: A.C. Praks
Series: Nine Kingdoms


Outcast half-demon Christina Bryan is disguising herself as a lad named Chris. She is on the run from a murderer who had killed her mother and is now hunting her down. When handsome Merrick Hasting rescues her and offers her a position in his home, she is eternally grateful and looks up to him as a big brother. But there’s one problem. She wants him. As her lover. And he’s already in love with another woman.

Powerful lord Merrick Hasting knows what he must do to ensure the Hasting Legacy lives on. He must wed a lady and the proper choice is the belle of the kingdom, Anne Wilson. The only problem is he doesn't want her in his bed. He wants Chris, the lad he has fostered in his home and treats like a younger brother. The attraction is unnatural and against God’s rule of nature, and so powerful he thinks he has gone mad. When he finds out Chris is in actual fact a woman, he is determine to unmask her and put her in her place. In his bed. Where she belongs.


Awww! This book was so sweet! The whole story was amazing! I enjoyed it so much!
I loved Merrick, with his burning desire within him, that protectivness and possessivness toward Chris/Christina.
I liked Christina a lot, with her toughness, her love for life, her sweetness, her protectivness and possessicness toward Merrick even when she was supposed to be a boy and he wasn't hers yet.
I liked Tyson's sweetness and love for Christina.
I liked very much Max and his loyalty and friendship with Merrick, and how well he has always treated Chris/Christina. Even when he knew she wasn't a boy and when he knew she was half-demon. I'm curious to know more about him and I think the next book is, in fact, about him.
I loathed Anne and Maria with all my heart. They were such evil psychopaths!
And I knew Allan couldn't be trusted. I felt it in my gut. And I'm glad that Max and Christina were there for Merrick, protecting him.
And I loved how Christina guarded Merrick when he was ill after the accident, never leaving him, always by his side. I loved how their relationship grew and their love for each other grew stronger every day. They were so cute, sweet and passionate together, I had to sigh at how much they made my blood boil and my heart beat fast!
I wonder if in the next book we'll get to see Christina and Merrick again, maybe helping Max?

All in all, a very good read and I recommend it!

***4 stars***  

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