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BOOK REVIEW: Divided Hearts

Title: Divided Hearts
Author: Susan R. Hughes


When Faye’s best friend, Jenna, is injured in a car accident, Faye is left to care for her friend's young child – expecting no help from baby Hannah's father, Simon, who has never been a part of the little girl's life. But when Jenna's former lover unexpectedly reappears, Faye learns that Jenna never told him about their child; and now that he knows of his daughter's existence, he wants nothing more than to bond with her.

As the relationship between father and daughter grows, so does the attraction between Simon and Faye. But once Jenna recovers, they find themselves faced with a heartbreaking choice between their desire for each other and the best interests of the little girl whose future lies in their hands.

Set in Vancouver, BC, and on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Divided Hearts takes you on an exhilarating journey through the passion, sacrifice, forgiveness and sweet surprises of discovering a love that’s meant to be.


God, this book was touching! But it also made me so angry at times. And I completely felt for Faye. I was so into the character that it seemed like I was her. I felt her love, her sorrow, her sadness, her anger, her helplessness, her joy... And Simon was so cute! Loved him, especially as daddy. A yummy, sweet, caring daddy. Though I didn't like his decision to marry Jenna and it made me so angry I wanted to punch him.
I liked Faye's father, although we haven't seen much of him unfortunately. It was obvious he loved his daughter, despite his (and his ex-wife's) mistakes when faye was a kid.
I liked the ending, although I would have liked to read more about Faye and Simon's future.

***3.5 stars***

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