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Title: Boy Crazy
Author: Hailey Abbott


How to Date Like a Guy:

1. Flirt constantly.

2. Keep your options open.

3. Don't get attached.

Cassie and her two best friends, Greta and Keagan, are so over boyfriends. But just because the girls are anti-boyfriend doesn't mean they're anti-boy. So they make a pact for the summer: They'll each kiss ten different guys before school starts--no commitments, no drama, just fun. Sounds easy enough. Then Cassie meets the perfect guy (nine boys too soon), and the pact starts to seem like a terrible idea. Not to mention Boy Number One turns out to be her best friend's ex. Ugh--Cassie's summer just went from carefree to complicated faster than she can say "heartbreaker."


I'm not sure of how I feel about this book. I mean, it was nice and I liked Cassie and Trey's relationship. But the ending left me a bit weird. Yeah, they got abck together but... there was the end of summer and they would be separated for months. What would they do? How things would go between them? Will their love sirvive the school season without them messing (or cheating) around with other biys/girls? It remains a question point.

***3 stars*** 

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