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BOOK REVIEW: Buffalo Soldiers

 Title: Buffalo Soldiers
Author: Nicholas Denmon
Series: An Upstate New York Mafia Tale (Book Two)


Notorious assassin Rafael Rontego is kidnapped from his hotel room moments before FBI Agent Sydney Price and her team close in on the man she believes can provide enough evidence to bring down the Ciancetta crime family. As she chases down the prize of her investigation, she enlists help from former Buffalo undercover cop Alex Vaughn. The ensuing blood bath leads them on a trail that exposes corruption, terrorists, and the realization of their deepest fears.

Meanwhile, Ivan Nivsky leaves prison after eleven years of keeping his mouth shut. Within twenty-four hours of leaving his cage behind with a vow never to return, he finds himself lost in an underworld he used to call home. With the FBI closing in and a Russian crew laying siege to the Italian family that took him in, Ivan finds himself released from his cage into a cement jungle where only the fittest survive.


I have to admit Nicholas Denmon is always one of my favorite authors. I love his writing. I love everything he writes. And he never ceases to fascinate me.
But... Why, oh why did you leave me hanging on a cliff like that?
Well, wouldn't say it was really a big cliffhanger, but nontheless it left me open-mouthed and with a burning desire to read more. So, please write the 3rd book fast! Please! I need to read it!
Back to Buffalo Soldiers:
I loved this book! I was so absorbed in it that I couldn't stop reading! I read it while having dinner, I read it while having a bath, I read it in bed at night until I fell asleep for exhaustion, I read it while having breakfast, I read it while having lunch, I read it on my laptop and on my smartphone too!
I can say I probably liked this book even more than "For Nothing".
All this considering this is not usually my genre. Usually romances, vampires and demons are my favorite reads. But for this author, for these books, I had to make an exception. They are too good not to read them! They are so good that it didn't matter what genre I was reading. It had all I need in a book. Action, blood, fights, tension, suspense, investigations, kidnappings, escapes, some romance too after all, and fascinating characters.

Although in "For Nothing" Alex was my favorite character (well, okay maybe I was even a little in love with him) and I was also kind of disappointed that he wasn't a very active character in Buffalo Soldiers, I found it also kind of right after all, because it had to make room to some new characters, like Kira, Ivan, Sydney, Briggs, Uncle Dick and others.
Let's talk about Kira: I can't say I totally liked her, especially in the beginning, treating her friends like shit and everything. But she's a kickass heroine like the ones I use to like in my favorite books after all, so she wasn't that bad, just kinda cold, but understandable seeing the life she had and the way she was raised. And I got to like her in the end anyway.
Ivan: Nice character. At times I liked him, at other times I didn't. He wasn't that bad though. He did what he did to survive after all. That was his life. His world.
Sydney: Not the kickass I'd have liked to see, but still a hardass. She's strong and tries to do always her best. Though she seemed kinda naive at times maybe. Guess we'll get to see her in the next book? Maybe with Alex too?
Briggs: I didn't like him from the start. He didn't convince me. He was a weird character. I knew something wasn't right with him, though I didn't want to admit it because Syd liked him. Oh, well.
Uncle Dick: SOB!
Rafael: I really liked him in this book. Much more than in "For Nothing". And I loved the "forced alliance" between him and Kira. They made a great team.
I liked Bobby too.
The Black Widow: I wanted to kick his ass (and not only that) and shut his damned mouth for good! Irritating SOB!
Missing someone? Oh, well, they probably didn't impress me much.
I was sorry about Charlotte... although in "For Nothing" she really got on my nerves, and I didn't like her much, I was sorry for Alex. That part was really sad, together with what happened to Ivan.

So, 5 full stars for Buffalo Soldiers and 5 full stars for Nicholas Denmon.
Highly recommended book. This is a MUST READ. You just can't miss this!

***5 stars*** 

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