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BOOK REVIEW: In The Arms Of A Stranger

Title: In The Arms Of A Stranger
Author: Kimberley Reeves
Series: The Carringtons (Book Two)


After waiting in the dark hotel room for her fiancé and then spending the most wonderful, passionate night of her life in his arms, the misgivings Brianne has been having about the wedding are disspelled. That is, until she wakes in the morning and discovers a mix up with the room keys has brought a stranger to her bed instead.

Jake is just as shocked as Brianne when he realizes he’s made love to the wrong woman, but that doesn't keep him from conspiring to have her again or from trying to win her heart.


It was a good read and I liked a lot the main characters, Bri and Jake, though sometimes I wanted to kick Jake. But, hey, he's a man, so no news there!
Bri and Jake as a couple were amazing. Funny and hot and sweet. I enjoyed their kissing and make-out moments, as well as their cuddling ones. So cute!
I also loved Bri's parents. Quite unique parents and very lovely. Awesome two characters!
I couldn't stomach Chad. He just made me so sick and angry.
The story was very nice and rather original. I liked it. Though I found it a little too long, but that's because I got frustrated at all the bad things kept happening to Bri and Jake.
The end kind of surprised me. When Jake found Brandy, his ex, at Chad's while waiting for Bri, I thought, "How cliché! Now Chad's gonna make so that Bri finds Jake with Brandy, and all hell brakes loose!" I was deadly wrong! I got a surprise!
Anyway, after that, I started sweating seven shirts for how frustrating and slowly we got to the final. But it was so sweet! Probably worth the wait.
Recommended, if you like pure good romance!

***3.5 stars***  

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